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Our purpose

Together, let's create new spaces of practice and progression for the West Coast Swing community in Strasbourg

Passionate about West Coast Swing and having made our beginning in the Strasbourg community, we wish to participate in the dynamism of West Coast Swing in the region. Our role is to offer even more moments to practice and progress in addition to what is already offered.

The team

Adrien Guesnel

Discovered a passion for dancing at the end of his studies, a few years later he discovered West Coast Swing and has been doing nothing else since!


Baptiste Lafabregue

Passionate about numbers but always ready to dance the West Coast Swing and grow the community.

Pauline Lagarde

She knew the West Coast Swing in Strasbourg before moving to Paris where she continues her passion.

Hélène Mickle

More often in West Coast Swing events than in her living room, dancing is more than just a passion for her.

Amandine Pittaluga

Amandine Pittaluga

After many years in salsa, she is now a West Coast Swing fanatic who loves to travel the vents but without compromising her carbon footprint.

Madeleine Schneider

Like many of us, West Coast Swing was not the first dance she discovered. However, the feeling and the community got her hooked on West Coast Swing.