What is

West Coast Swing ?

It is a dance for two, where a leader guides a follower who, listening, follows the movements proposed. WCS requires listening to each other, which is part of the connection.

Because if the roles seem to be defined at the beginning of the dance (leader/follower), each dancer can add his style, his variations, his "personal touch". It is thus a dance that is built in two.

The follower can bring things to the table, and the leader, listening to his/her partner, will be able to rebound on these elements. Each dance is unique, the connection being central, intrinsically linked to creativity.

WCS is characterized by its artistic richness. It is a dance that is technically demanding, but also offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of figures, style ...

Drawing from a mix of influences, dancers can build their artistic identity. Thus, they can be inspired by hip-hop, contemporary, Latin dances etc. In a connection to oneself, to the other, in a quality of communication and connection, the artistic expression, the emotional, the sharing, allow a letting go and a unique creativity.

The WCS is characterized by a great musical diversity and its continuous evolution.

Initially danced on "swing" or "blues" music, the WCS has followed the evolution of musical history, and is danced on current music. This musical variety, passing from Jazz to rock'n'roll, then Country, Rock, Disco, Funk. RnB, Pop, Dance, Kizomba or Zouk, offers a multitude of possibilities, and adapts to everyone's tastes.


WCS is danced socially but also in competition. This dance promotes mixing and mingling: in a spirit of openness, everyone dances with everyone else.

  • In social settings, differences in age, level and so one fade away, leaving room for sharing. Dancers can evolve in different learning contexts: classes, themed workshops, "intensives", practices...
  • In competition (JnJ) allow dancers to improvise in a competitive context, on music that is not known beforehand. The dancers are divided into levels (newcomer - novice - inter - advanced - all star), and the accumulation of points related to the placement in the final allows to evolve from one level to another.
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